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schroeder apartments, llc

A Duplex Rental Business

So you may be asking yourself what is included in the rent ?

We provide two parking spaces for your personal vehicles. You are responsible for mowing the yard every other time it needs it throughout the summer months. Schroeder Apartments, LLC has provided an outbuilding in which for you to store a mower. In addition, you must make arrangements for REMC electric to be placed in your name. The Ramsey Water company also must hear from you if you wish water service. Verizon telephone service can also be obtained if you elect to do so. (Some people prefer to just maintain cell telephone service.) All of Schroeder Apartments are on private septic systems. We ask that you keep this in mind as you will need to stay off all grassways...(that's where the absorption fields are located.)

We are in the business of providing approx. 825 square feet of comfortable living space in a spacious layout detailed with oak cabinets and marble sink and window ledges. Take a moment to look at what we offer. We think you'll agree we provide value and peace of mind for all your housing needs..

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